You can find us in Domaso (Italy), on the northern part of Lake Como. Our location as well as the meeting point for shuttle and training is the small marina at the boatyard Nautica Domaso. That's where our boats are. The season lasts from mid-May to mid-September. During this time there are usually the best thermal wind conditions (Wind 2 to 5 Beaufort), ideal for kite surfing, kite foiling and wing foiling.

We offer the following packages, there is something for every skill level:
  • Beginner course (VDWS level 1-3, incl. theory exam)
  • Advanced course (VDWS level 4-5)
  • Advanced course (VDWS level 5-7, individuelly tailored to you)
  • Technique course "Directional boards" (jibes, tacks, in preparation for kite foiling)
  • Technique coures "Kite foiling"
  • Shuttle service by boat (from VDWS level 5+, must be able to go upwind)
  • Private coaching (max. 1- 2 persons)

VDWS - Levels
  • Level 1:  General safety, launch preparation, launch exercises, first flight exercises, body drag
  • Level 2: Body drag, water launch of the kite
  • Level 3: Water start, at least 50 meters of kiting
  • Level 4: Downwind, board control by feet, hold the course , basic jibe
  • Level 5: Up wind
  • Level 6: Basic jumps, power jibe, transition jumps
  • Level 7: Kite rotation or kite loops, grabs, one foot off, board off, or railey

IMPORTANT: Kitesurfing and kite foiling are high-risk sports! For this reason, theory and practice are carried out strictly according to VDWS or IKO guidelines, each tailored to the training from a boat. The conscientious learning of the basic rules of the "sailing" sport, as well as your own safety and that of third parties are our top priority. We offer you top surfing material from various brands for the training, and we are also a test center.